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World Collection Flags Copyright
Animated flags copyright
In the case of our animated flag images these are a webmaster tool production for the benefit of the internet community and are copyright by both webmaster-tool.co.uk and globel.co.uk, we do not require you to contact us and you can use them for free on your personal or commercial website provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. You must not  use our images as part of a collection of images either given away for free or for sale on CD or website the only place that our images can be given away for free or otherwise  are from the webmaster-tool.co.uk website as we are the copyright owners and we should gain any benefit for distributing them.
  2.  The images can be used free of any charge on personal home pages and commercial and/or business websites but used explicitly as a graphic for part of your design and/or page with no indication of others being able to download our images other than a link to our website.
  3. The only condition is that when you download an image from our website you provide a link to our site somewhere on yours so others may get to know of our site.

Any other use is strictly prohibited without written permission and If these conditions of use are not met we will have no other option than to notify your ISP of a copyright infringement and request them to cease and desist from using our copyrighted material.

A considerable amount of research and investigation has been put into compiling this flag database and has taken thousands of hours to complete, in all cases it is as accurate as possible to the real thing for your website, however in certain instances we have had to rely on libraries and Internet websites for some background of the flag itself for dimensions and also true origin, these informational sources will be listed on a link and information page in due course, this will be for educational purposes only for those that are interested in more depth on the subject at these locations.

The overall size scaled down is in most cases is as accurate as possible relying on those external sources and some images have actually been traced from the original cloth version of the flag itself so always allow for mistakes within these images and if there is any errors or omissions on our part please notify us so we can put it right.

The flags are copyright globel as our original works for your free use on the Internet and are designed specifically for WebPages as part of the webmaster tool collection of facilities for ALL internet users, we allow the use of these flags on your website with no charge, all we ask is that you link back to our site from yours so others may find our flags useful and may hold their beliefs or country proud on their site as we do.

After scouring the internet for a decent flag ourselves we found the selection either very limited or of bad quality, and really in most cases did not do the country or flag itself any justice and for this reason we have embarked on a mission to build an extremely comprehensive good quality flag database for websites that will continue to grow until we have covered all possibilities.

If you are a company or organisation that requires us to include your flag in this database and/or a country/town etc. that we may have missed please tell us that you require a specific flag and we will be sure to include it in this database for everyone.

You may use our flags on your website free for personal and commercial use in fact any website that wishes to use our flags can use them, however; you are not allowed to use more that 10 flag images and if you do so please request this from our site using the email address provided, this is to protect replication by others of this website with our hard work.

No other use is allowed including selling these flag images or incorporating them as part of a collection, if you do wish to use the flags for any other activity other than just display within the parameters of the above on your website as originally intended please contact us to discuss the matter further.


The only requirement is that you provide a link back to our site somewhere on yours; this can be a text link or the use of one of our
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